Technical service and support for maintenance staff

logo ugTechnical service – repair of machines and devices

Service of CNC machine tools helps solve many problems related to industrial machines, and thus ensures greater performance.

Professionally conducted diagnostics and subsequent repair of machine tools will allow you to remove the failure and minimize the risk of its occurrence in the future.

We keep a log and service documentation of each of the machines we service, allowing us to check previous faults and quickly, comprehensively verify the problem. The availability of our service department and its close cooperation with Clients ensure efficient operation of devices and immediate removal of any failures.

Thanks to our company, HM Service, professional service of CNC machines as well as other devices intended for industrial use is possible. We are a company that is committed to each repair order, which is why we can provide professional service and reduce machine downtime to a minimum.

Our service department consists of high-class specialists who provide maintenance services in the scope of mechanics, electrics, electronics, pneumatics and hydraulics of industrial machines

Our scope of services includes, but is not limited to:

  •  warranty service of selected brands (4- and 5-axis machining centers),
  •  renovation and repair of CNC machine tools (mechanics, electrical systems, control cabinets, hydraulics, etc.),
  •  scheduled and diagnostic check-ups,
  •  machine geometry measurements for prevention, intervention and relocation/installation,
  •  conventional machine tool service,
  •  technical advice,
  •  relocation and unloading of machines/devices,
  •  electrical services.

Regular ballbar testing helps: 

  •  ensure that CNC machines produce accurate workpieces from the start,
  •  reduce downtime, the number of rejects and monitoring costs,
  •  demonstrate compliance with the standards for technical condition parameters and quality management,
  •  implement preventive maintenance based on facts.