About us

HM Service is a provider of specialised services for industry.

We specialise in maintenance services for machines and industrial equipment. We conduct CNC and machine tool maintenance and also provide measurements of machine geometry. We operate as technical support for productive maintenance. 

We conduct comprehensive maintenance services for machines controlled numerically and conventionally. Our support comprises commissioning of machines serviced by us under warranty, and also surveys, maintenance and repairs in terms of electricity, electronics, mechanics and software that controls a machine tool. 

We are very flexible and able to adapt to expectations of our Clients. 

We focus on constant cooperation, which allows for control and monitoring of work of machines participating in manufacturing process. Systematic supervision provides measurable benefits in the form of minimalised number of malfunctions and efficient production. 

A significant argument in favour of our service is the speed of operation and reacting to client’s needs. These advantages, in connection with high price competitiveness of our service, make us a credible and reliable partner. 

We execute projects in Poland and abroad. We work e.g. for aviation, automotive and arms industry.