Clamping force testing

urządzenie do pomiaru siłyIn machining technology, monitoring a tool's clamping force is essential to guarantee precise machining results.

Reduced clamping force may result in the following consequences: 

  •  Poor surface finish caused by vibration,
  •  Increased tool wear and shorter tool life,
  •  Corrosion of the spindle taper caused by micro-movements,
  •  Tool breakage,
  •  Machine downtime,
  •  Risk of injury to the machine operator.

Thanks to the Power-Check 2 device, we can provide the following services:

  •  check the clamping force of the clamping in the spindle, 
  •  verify the distorted haul.

The device is adapted to measure in the range from 1 to 75 kN. The accuracy of measurements in the range of 10-75kN is subject to a 1% margin of error. We have the option to install the device in the machine's tool magazine, which enables automatic testing after every given number of tool changes.