BallBar testing

bal bar system

When we have doubts about the accuracy of the operation of a given machine or as we prepare repair and maintenance plans, we can carry out quick but very precise measurement with the use of the Renishaw ballbar system. 

When measuring with a ballbar, the actual circular path is compared with the programmed path. The indicators obtained as a result of these measurements allow for the identification of potential deviations, which enables quick diagnosis of machine performance. The test result allows for an early detection of errors and ensures the highest accuracy of the processed components.   

Alongside measuring roundness or roundness deviation it is also possible to diagnose up to 19 errors, e.g. backlash, lag error, perpendicular deviation, which can be used in service and repair planning.
Checking the accuracy of a machine is recommended whenever a problem is detected, as well as each time after relocation. 
Preventive testing ensures the stability of the machining process. 

Key features and benefits: 

  •  Improving the quality of manufactured parts
  •  Decreasing the number of rejects, downtime and costs
  •  Planning maintenance and future repairs 
  •  Monitoring changes in the technical condition of the machine tool
  •  Compliance with quality and system requirements (service reports play an important role in assessing the functioning of a company in external and internal audits)
  •  Determining the parameters of individual machine tools

Records of tests performed using the system provide accepted proof of performance (in accordance with international standards such as ANSI/ASME B5.54, ANSI.ASME B5.57, JIS B6194 oraz ISO 230-4), meeting audit requirements, and are a powerful asset when bidding for contracts.


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